Up To $154.00 A Sale Plus Residuals
$77 Front End Plus $37 Monthly
$194 Backend/Upsell Billed At $97 For 2 Months
Downsells Coming Soon
...Plus viral lifetime commission potential (using the optional X-Factor affiliate link)

FREE JV Cash Bonuses!...

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Hey it's Bryan Winters and I'd like to welcome you to a true first in affiliate marketing, along with what could be the hottest ClickBank affiliate opportunity of 2010...

I know how busy you are, so I really appreciate you taking the time to be here.  I've done everything in my power to make this one of your most effortless and most profitable launch promotions ever.

I look forward to working with you, am here at your service for whatever you need, and a BIG THANK YOU to you for your interest and support.

Call or text me on my cell if you need anything - even it it's just a bag of Doritos...  I'll have them mailed to you ;-)

Cell: 612-384-7654



Here's the list of big guns who we're in contact with to
bring in, with many already having jumped aboard!...

Jerome Chapman, Ian Del Carmen, Greg Hughes, Russell Brunson, Ewen Chia, Frank Kern, Paul Ponna, Anik Singal, Michael Rasmussen, Simon Hodgkinson, George Brown, Mike Filsaime, Ryan Deiss, Rob Benwell, Saj P, Bobby Walker, Wendy Hart, Andrew Fox, Chris X, Alex Goad, Joel Therien , Phillip Mansour, Mo Latif, Adeel Chowdhry, Matt Bacak, Jo Han Mok, Chris Cobb, Dean Holland, Mark Anastasi, Oli Tee, Cody Moya, Carlos Garcia, Gabor Olah, Jimmy D Brown, Liz Tomey, Kevin Wilkey, Tim Godfrey, Steven Jones, Steve Yakim, Willie Crawford, Reed Floren, Morgan Westerman, Joel Christopher, Lee Benson, Allen Says, Chris McNeeny, Jim Daniels, Shelly Lowery, Stone Evans, Jeremy Gislason, Jit Uppal, Bill Gates (kidding), Alex Jeffreys, Shannon Lueck, Chris Freville, Erick Rockefeller, Shawn Casey, Dylan Loh, Simon Cad, Craig Kaye, Michael Beeson, Jason Parker, Brent Turner, Paul Smithson, Brett Ingram, Imran S, Adam Short, and many many more...

Here's Why You Can Make
BIG Money Promoting Us...

I'm squeezing every last OUNCE of potential out of every single click you send.

Here's exactly why you'll 'HIT THE LOTTO' by promoting us hard...

Up to $154 per sale plus recurring...  We're polished masters at creating cash sucking membership sites, having served over 20,000 paid monthly members.  I know how to bring them in and keep them in better than most, so that your EPC's never stop climbing and profits keep coming LONG after you promote.

For example - one 'trick' to high retention is that our OTO (two payments of $97), is delivered over a period of 10 months... And the OTO product is *specifically* used along with the main membership software which runs at $37 a month.  This means *very* HIGH incentive to remain a member long term.  Average member retention is 3 months, and we can at least double that!

AN AFFILIATE MARKETING FIRST:   More on this in a minute, but by using our optional 'X-Factor' affiliate link that tracks and sends people through your ClickBank link, you'll make all your ClickBank commissions PLUS lifetime earnings from ALL the 'Amazing Widgets' spread online by the members you refer.  ('Amazing Widgets' are our exclusive viral, money making, flash based widgets.)

So this translates into the potential for $1,000's more in your pocket for doing ZERO extra work!

On the very next page we have affiliate tools and swipes pre-customizable for *either* affiliate option.  You simply choose from the normal ClickBank section, or, the X-Factor section.  Piece of cake.

A masterpiece hybrid sales letter featuring a killer video presentation and long copy written by a 7 figure copywriting pro.  Here's a sneak peak (video presentation being added soon).

A *massive* and realistically UNLIMITED market.. Far bigger than Facebook!   Our software appeals not only to Internet marketers seeking automated traffic and income, but also general home business and opportunity seekers.

Our sales presentation also hits the hot buttons of THOUSANDS of people who've been burned by scammy, rehashed, or unworkable products, and are ready to find out what really does work to make them automated traffic and commissions once in place (our software!).   Your 'peeps' will LOVE our software and you can feel confident promoting us.

We've got some of the best prelaunch, launch day and (posting soon) follow up email swipes you've ever laid eyes on.  They'll have your 'peeps' RUSHING over to our site and begging to get in.

And all you have to do is copy and paste by using our instant Customize button.  We've literally done ALL the 'hard work' for you so that you can spend your time doing what you love - making hoards of hands-off cash with an awesome sales funnel and software product!

Sound good so far?!

Well you haven't heard anything yet.

Now it's time to reveal the Ace up our sleeves!...

A *first* in ClickBank affiliate marketing...



You can either use your normal ClickBank link -or- our special 'X-Factor' affiliate link.

EITHER link gets you ALL your normal ClickBank commissions.

The big difference is that with the X-Factor link, you can also generate unlimited, ongoing traffic and commissions from the work of others - without an OUNCE more work.

Here's how it works...


As they use our Amazing Widget software, each person you've referred through your optional X-Factor link will be placing and spreading our flash-based Amazing Widgets - viral, self contained little "ATM Machines" - all across the web on their websites, blogs, social networks, forums and message boards, and much more.


Inside each and every widget placed online by your referrals, YOUR "X-factor-ClickBank" affiliate links will evenly rotate with their affiliate links.  Regardless of what products they choose to promote.  This means that YOU will get roughly 50% of the traffic and sales generated by an unlimited number of Amazing Widgets, without lifting a finger.  Totally hands off and automated.


Let’s say you refer 50 people.  And we’ll say they each place an average of 10 widgets online (easily possible).  That’s 500 widgets on 500 web pages, with YOUR affiliate links rotating inside every one.  If those 500 widgets lead to $10,000 in monthly commissions, roughly $5,000 of that is ALL yours.

And all that for doing nothing extra or beyond what you’d do with any other affiliate program.

By Promoting X-Factor You're Poised To Earn On
ANY Product In The ClickBank Marketplace!

Remember, when you promote us using the X-Factor link option, you're funneling in members who will be placing dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of viral Amazing Widgets all across the web - with YOUR ClickBank affiliate links alternating with theirs.

And once again, you get paid regardless of which ClickBank products your referrals choose to promote from within their Amazing Widgets.  They could choose a beekeeping guide - something you could care less about - and you STILL earn.  Your ClickBank link for the "beekeeping" product is auto-embedded in their widget ads.

At any given moment you could be 'picked up' by another website or blog owner with 150,000 unique visits per month, bringing YOU piggy-back traffic and money.  And it's all because as the referrer, ads embedded with *your* affiliate link are being displayed on their website, within THEIR Amazing Widgets.

Here's a breakdown of the standard Amazing Widget, which AWS members can generate their own customized version of with 1 click of the mouse...

Here's Why We're About To
Take ClickBank  By Storm
Along With YOU....

We've run BIG, high converting membership sites outside of ClickBank for years.

I'm talking sites that do 7 figures, bring in tens of thousands of members and affiliates, and make our affiliates money for YEARS even on a single promotion...

All in our spare time because we've been busy with our families and enjoying the Internet lifestyle!

Well over 20,000 paid members have been served by us.

Now we're taking ALL this experience and pouring it into our first major ClickBank launch.

The only difference is the processor, and the fact that thousands of merchants feel more confident ordering with ClickBank (which is a great thing for everyone).

Take a look at this random 'scrapbook' of some of our success, keeping in mind these results were achieved strictly part time.   We haven't ever poured NEAR the effort we have into a site and launch UNTIL NOW (with TheAmazingWidget.com)...





...And tons more not pictured.

  We will reciprocate and use our marketing might to help you out as you help us make TheAmazingWidget.com a 7 figure ClickBank launch on October 27th, 2010.

And remember, prelaunch starts the 22nd.

I can't wait to see you there!

Thank you again,

612-384-7654  (text or call me with any questions - or for that bag of Doritos! ;-)


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